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Digital India Platform

India Mobile Congress 2018: Let’s Celebrate the Digital India Program

Platforms are a great way of getting people from a community together for collaborations, debates and deliberations. A platform for animal care for example, would bring people from animal welfare setting together to discuss best practices and collaborate with each other for the betterment of the animals. Similarly, a tech platform will enable tech industry to come together for the betterment of the sector. 

The Digital India program is Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision for accomplishing a fully integrated digitally-powered system of government administration and public engagement.

Digital India Program and the Potential of Tomorrow

The idea behind the Digital India program is to power to empower such that the average citizen can not only receive the Government’s attention and efforts through modern technology but also that they have unfettered access to the latest technology. The idea is to make the Internet and digital technologies such as 5G mobile services and smartphone services more affordable and accessible. The Digital India program will work in tandem with other Government of India initiatives such as the Make in India, BharatNet, Startup India, Standup India and Dedicated Freight Corridors schemes. The main goal is to link even the remotest parts of India to a centralized national digital network.


The Government intends to achieve its Digital India vision by way of a three-step agenda: 1. Build a secure and dependable digital infrastructure. 2. Deliver government services through the aforementioned network. 3. Push for universal digital literacy.

India Mobile Congress 2018 Is The Digital Destination Of India

This year’s edition of the India Mobile Congress will focus on the theme ‘New Digital Horizons: Connect, Create, Innovate’. As such, the 2018 IMC is the perfect platform for all stakeholders to come together and take stock of the status and potential of digital technologies and their applications in the country, and beyond. The 2018 IMC halls are the perfect setting for gaining insight into the current atmosphere of the TMT and ICT industries in India. It’s the perfect time to assess the popularity of current technologies such as 4G and use these analyses to determine the impact of future technologies like 5G in India. IMC 2018 is shaping up to be the digital destination of India with its experience centers, exhibitions, debates and experts’ speeches on hot topics like driverless cars, smart cities, robotics, M2M and AI. From everyday mobile phone and mobile Internet use cases to the more advanced technologies- the 2018 India Mobile Congress is going to be a looking glass into the future of tech and telecom in India and South Asia.

IMC 2018: Analyzing the Digital India Program

The 2018 India Mobile Congress is going to welcome national and international industry leaders, government officials and representatives, delegations from 15 ASEAN and BIMSTEC members, 5000+ CXOs, 1000+ media persons, businesses, brands, entrepreneurs, sponsors, exhibitors and over 250,000 visitors. The IMC 2018 stage is an excellent opportunity for experts and enthusiasts alike to discuss how far the Digital India program has come, how much more is to be achieved, changes that can be made to enhance the program’s outreach and how we can make the marriage of digital technologies and administrative function a successful merger that positively impacts the life of the Indian people.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi endorsed the India Mobile Congress 2018 at the BIMSTEC Summit in Kathmandu, Nepal, in August 2018 and touched upon IMC 2018’s potential as a global platform for collaboration and deliberation. For more information on the India Mobile Congress 2018 log onto and register today. The India Mobile Congress 2018 is the largest event of its kind to receive the Indian government’s support. Get the latest updates on the Digital Destination of India and get ready for South Asia’s biggest digital technology and telecommunications event.