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Upcoming trends

Internet of Things (IoT) - through interplay of software, telecom and hardware promises to offer tremendous opportunities for many industries. The world of internet is now not only limited to the desktop or laptops, it has made inroads in almost everything we use these days. Devices are becoming interconnected and smarter. Simply speaking internet will soon find its way in almost every THING we use.

Cloud Network - Implementation of cloud computing technology in the Indian market will not only help in bringing down the cost, but also enable customers to access data on their device at any time and from any location. The data storage is now happening without limits of the physical space and you can retrieve it from anywhere.

Wireless Technology - 2020 will mark the growth of wireless communication resulting in a successful 5G rollout. While some countries have really moved ahead, we are still grappling with less speed and other aspects. But the situation is all set for a rapid transformation where communication will become faster and more seamless.

M2M Communication - Machine-to-machine technology, has huge potential to disrupt communications in the upcoming years. Simple speaking, machines will start to interact with other machines and data sharing, analysis and calculation will take place across various intelligent devices. For examples, smart watches will communicate (transfer or share data) with smart phones and smart televisions. The space of wearable devices too is expanding rapidly and soon we will see the world of telecommunication becoming more user friendly.