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#COAI thanks Chief Secretary, Govt. of Bihar and @BiharBh for conducting the 3rd State Broadband Committee meeting. We are hopeful that today’s meeting will be helpful in the speedy roll-out of telecom Infrastructure and resolve the industry’s issues at the ...
India had 750 million smartphone users in 2021.
The rise in the number of #smartphone users will transform the #telecom industry leading to the development of robust telecom infrastructure in the country. This is realising the govt's initiative of "Broadband ...
#COAI appreciates the efforts of @dot_assam_lsa to meet Deputy Commissioners of Aspirational Districts and Tamulpu for achieving the objective of #NationalBroadbandMission by @NBM_DoT. This will be helpful to expedite the rollout of Digital Infrastructure in the state.
To get those full bars, are you willing to go behind the bars? We hope not.
Just reminding you to NOT use, install or sell non-registered #SignalBoosters because it's a crime.
Stop or #YouCanBeCaught />
@DoT_India @TRAI @NBM_DoT @GoI_MeitY @MeityPib @_DigitalIndia ...
#COAI thanks Advisor to Administrator, DD & DNH, and @Guj_LSA_DoT_MoC for conducting the 2nd UT Broadband Committee meeting. Decisions taken in today’s meeting will be helpful in the speedy roll-out of telecom Infrastructure in the UT”.
This #SocialMediaDay, lest we forget the foundation of the digital industry. We acknowledge the power of the #telecom industry for bringing us together with one click and helping us be informed with one share.

Bringing the world closer with #SocialMedia. ...
Articulating the health hazards, Dr. TK Joshi, Advisor to Health Minister, Government of India: Cell towers generate extremely low-powered non-ionizing radiation that has no detrimental health effects on human health, even @WHO has concluded the same at the #EMF Awareness ...

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