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MeghRaj – governance and service till last mile

Governance with transparency and service delivery till the last mile and to every person could soon be a reality and like many other things, this too will now be powered by the Information and Communication Technology (ICT). With MeghRaj – a GI Cloud Platform – taking a final and real shape now, the government’s aim to make everything about it transparent is finally taking the shape of reality. The idea was taken up few years ago, but the real advancement happened in recent times with National Informatics Centre (NIC) interlinking various government departments on a single cloud-based platform. Right from municipal bodies to larger program implementation such as 100 percent financial inclusion, national health mission, national insurance policies etc will be fully dependent on MeghRaj for big data analysis. Plugging the loopholes during implementation of any big policy implantation is equally important and GI-Clouds will provide those insights through right data both category and geography wise. In fact the investment made by the government for this itself deserves a positive mention. While successive governments kept on increasing their IT spending over the years, but now it is actually expected to cross Rs 3 billion by 2018, almost a five-time increase since 2012. Time taking it may sound but the infrastructure required for the mammoth task will take years to set up and connect. Securing the ever-expanding infrastructure is an equally critical task. With government aiming to use this for complete financial inclusion, it will be non-negotiable that the infrastructure is fool-proof and the cloud-based system is impenetrable. Last but not the least, the system will be put to test with government speeding up the pace for smart cities, Aadhar-based payment systems, complete financial inclusion and promotion of an economy which is less dependent on cash transactions. Having committed itself to the interest of the nation, the telecom industry will certainly lead this herculean task and it’s about time the government and the industry forge an even more mature relationship for a national good.