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Empowering SMEs – Telecom Sectors another big target

Telecom has been empowering people, society and nations and its next big target will be to empower the flourishing small industries sector of the country. A country of over a billion people, where more than 65 percent of the population is less than 35 years of age, there is no dearth of ideas and talent. It is therefore the responsibility of everyone to ensure that an environment is created for idea to take real shape and the talents are nurtured.

Small industries sector is one such area, which has been teeming with budding talents and idea of smart and intelligent people in the country. Telecom industry since its inception has been in constant support of this vital sector, which employs a significantly large group of people. While the scenario began with real time exchange of idea and decisions through calls and messages, the world has changed drastically, and now telecom industry provides all means to take the business decision making process to the next stage. Right from data crunching to analysis of situation and taking care of crisis in real time, the world of Information and Communication Technology empowers everyone around.

SMEs could soon become the most vibrant sector of the country, which will ease out various pressure of this huge multitude by providing opportunities and satisfying their creative as well as entrepreneur zeal.

With new age features like Internet of Things, Machine to Machine Communication, next generation of data processing speed, cloud computing, ICT will definitely provide an equal opportunity to everyone. Be it the big business houses or small entrepreneurs, the opportunity is right there for everyone to grab, but the biggest beneficiary will be the small businesses which will have the fastest and most visible rise towards their goals